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Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or dreaming of a long-stay vacation, booking your flight tickets is an essential part of your itinerary. So it’s important to start planning on securing an air ticket the moment you decide to go on a trip.

With multiple online travel sites out there, it can be quite challenging to find the best flight options for you. At TravelTank, we have broken down the whole process of travel planning, and you can easily score cheap flights to your desired destination, regardless of your travel needs. Save money on your next flight ticket by using Nigeria’s most powerful search engine!.

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How to book flights with TravelTank
  • The step-by-step process:

  • 1

    Enter your departure and arrival cities, travel dates and the number of travellers then click ‘search’.

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    Review various options and click the ‘view deal’ button next to your preferred airline, price and itinerary.

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    Insert passenger details according to your passport data-page and click ‘continue’.

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    Select any extras you’d like to purchase on our ‘extras’ page and click ‘continue’.

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    Select your preferred method of payment and proceed to make payment.

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    Select your preferred method of payment and proceed to make payment.

  • Once payment is confirmed, via e-mail, you will receive your booking confirmation and your e-ticket.

How to find the best flight tickets with TravelTank

Our main goal is for everyone to experience the joys of travel! You don’t have to empty your wallet or bank account before you can visit a stunning destination. TravelTank has great tips for you to save money and book cheap flights!

Book your flights early

A fortnight to the departure date may be too late. Booking your flight tickets at the last minute is, as a matter of fact, not advisable. However, there are uncommon situations where airlines adjust inventories at the last minute and free up cheaper seats due to low demand. In any case, early booking protects passengers from splurging on overpriced tickets.

How early should you book your trips? Book too early and risk missing out on some fare slashing when the airlines try to earn more traffic to fill unsold seats.

For international flights, doubling down flight searches three months to your trip is a safe bet. It’s advisable to book flights four to five months in advance for peak season trips. For domestic flights, booking two months in advance is a great time.

Don’t forget to be flexible with your travel planning bearing in mind that when and where you want to go to can impact your flight ticket's total price.

Scheduling your flights

Be prepared to travel at uncomfortable or inconvenient times. Morning flights, especially the first of the day, are usually the most affordable. Lunch (after lunch) or dinner hour flights are next-cheapest. Since most flyers avoid travelling at these times, you're likely to discover the best airline deals. Shopping for air tickets late at night or midnight also increase the chances of finding great deals. The best tip? Travel when no one wants to travel.

Cheapest days of the week to book a flight

There's no hard and fast rule to this. Yet, there's an industry-wide argument for Tuesday. Experts argue you're likely to buy cheap domestic fares from Tuesday through Thursday. Airlines benchmark the week's airfares against the previous weekend's sales. They adjust these rates on Tuesday morning to stay competitive. Officials will have concluded on the coordinated fares by Tuesday afternoon. Prices are likely to rise by Friday due to increasing demand. Sundays are the worst days to book international flights. Aviation insights suggest Thursdays and Mondays are the best days to book international flights.

It's usually cheaper to travel to international destinations on weekdays than weekends. Domestic flights on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays aren't often too full. Under such circumstances, flight tickets are usually the most affordable. Domestic travel on Fridays and Sundays is expensive.

Sometimes, midweek flights can be a little bit cheaper. Most travellers, especially business flyers tend to travel on Sundays or Mondays or leave a destination on a Friday. For international flights, mid-week days are the cheapest times to fly. Why? You get great deals during those off-peak times of the week.

Cheapest days of the week to book a flight

It's safe to expect group flight bookings to be cheaper. You may pay way more in a single transaction against buying in a group.

To save on group bookings, you can compare flight prices by booking for one passenger individually or in small groups. Then, open an incognito window on your computer and fetch another single ticket. Repeat as much as possible. You should buy all in one fell swoop if they cost the same. Else, group according to eventual fare classes.

Fetching cheap flights with flexible dates

You've decided to leave and arrive at the desired destination on tentative dates, and you seek for flight, hotel, or package holiday deals. TravelTank's flexible dates flight search can, yet, help you stay within budget. It lets you select flights with copious degrees of flexibility. It allows you to save more by adjusting your travel dates - even so, by a whole month or year.

Booking multi-city flights

Do you know you can also book multi-city flights if you want to visit more than two destinations on your trip? Besides booking one-way or round-trip flights, you can book flights by combining a range of domestic and international cities in one itinerary. TravelTank's user-friendly interface makes it easy to book all your flights at the same time. It allows you to choose your preferred departure times and the length of your trip. It quickly pulls fares from different airlines that offer multi-city services on your routes.

Airline combinations

You may or may not combine two one-way fares, that may or may not be on the same airline to form a round trip. This approach leaves a lot up in the air but could end in one of two excellent outcomes (or both). You may find the best possible fare on an itinerary that requires you to travel on different outbound and inbound airlines. You can opt for the airline with the most convenient outbound or inbound flight. As a general rule of thumb: consider airlines with hubs in less popular airports (for international flights). Look out for the budget carriers (for domestic flights).

Low flight fare graph

With TravelTank’s flight fare graph calendar, you can check the best international flight prices to your destination. If you search for a flight from Lagos to Dubai, the graph will display the average price for every day of the month. You can then compare the prices and days, and choose the best date that has a more affordable airfare. After you have selected your preferred date with the best deal, you can proceed and book your flight.