The Travel Shark’s Guide.

Our travel sharks have put together a practical traveller’s guide that’s packed with essential information and advice for all of TravelTank's Nigerian travellers. Our aim is to help make your journey and your stay as effortless and easy as possible. Whether this is your first trip abroad or your tenth, it can feel a little overwhelming.

Meet the travel sharks

Our team of experienced travel consultants who live and breathe travel are called 'travel sharks'.

All our travel sharks are:

  • Experts who are passionate about travel. Our travel sharks have travelled extensively and have a wealth of personal experience to draw on.
  • Gurus when it comes to travel advice. Throw any question you have at them and they'll answer it! Our travel sharks are well-informed and ensure that they keep up-to-date with the latest travel news, trends and developments including new regulations, flight routes, new accommodation openings and excursions.
  • Unflappable! Our team prides itself on being calm, methodical, reliable and tech-savvy. Customer service is everything to us, we want you to keep coming back and we'll always do our utmost to ensure customer satisfaction!
  • Skilled multi-taskers. Our sharks are happy juggling multiple calls, emails and reservations. We can help you arrange all your travel essentials from visas, to protocol, to insurance, to itineraries for your trip and more...

With our knowledgeable team of travel sharks, your next trip couldn't be in better hands!

You’ll find information in the TravelTank guide on what’s required when visiting other countries, including the type of documentation you may need, apart from your passport. There’s also advice on health, foreign currency, safety and much more.

We want to make sure you have all the information you need at your fingertips so that you can plan your trip carefully, and most importantly, have a fabulous experience.

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Booking with TravelTank
Booking with TravelTank

Here's a short guide on tips to make a booking on our site.

Paying for flights on TravelTank
Paying for flights on TravelTank

We created this short guide to help you through the payment processes on our site.

Airline information
Airline Information

Want to find out more about your favourite airlines? This guide takes you through each airline.

Airport information
Airport Information

Prior to your departure, we want you to have the all necessary information on your destination airport.

Visa and Immigration information
Visa & Immigration Information

This guide aims to help you find out more about visa and immigration guidelines for various countries.

Popular flight routes
Popular Flight Routes

Use this page to compare to popular flight routes from Lagos and elsewhere.

Airline Check-in
Airline Check-in

Save the long queues and rush to get to the airport! This guide provides you with links to check-in online.

COVID-19 information
Covid-19 Information

We want to provide you with as much information as possible on COVID-19 and how it is affecting travel.