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About London

London - capital of the UK - is the world's most visited city, and boasts plenty of things that'll keep you occupied!

On your first day in town, go up The Shard or The London Eye to gain a birds' eye view of this iconic city and figure out what's what.

There are lots of famous monuments to spot; Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, Cleopatra's Needle, Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and more!

Use London's epic public transport system - including the London Underground, buses, boats and taxis - to navigate and you'll never go far wrong.

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General Facts

Population - 8.7 M

Local Currency - British Pound

Language - English

Weather in September

Temperature: 12 - 19 degrees

Dry Days: 15

Best Time to Visit: June - August

Food, Drinks & Leisure

Inexpensive Restaurant - 13 Dollars

Local Beer - 4 Dollars

Cinema Ticket - 14 Dollars

Public Transportation

One - way ticket - 3 Dollars

Top hotels in London


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Great places in London

Big Ben

London Eye

Buckingham Palace

Tower of London

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