Frequently Asked Questions

Top Frequently Asked Questions about Flights

You can book flights via our online search bar as follows:

a. Enter your departure city and arrival city.

b. Select date of travel:

i. One Way Flights – flies you to one location without a return flight.

ii. Return Flights – we take you to your intended location and back.

iii. Multiple City – flies you to various locations during a single trip.

c. Select no. of adults, children and infants.

d. Select class of travel

e. Click the pink button to search for flights

f. Review various options and click the view deal button next to your preferred airline, price and itinerary

g. Insert passenger details

h. Select any extras you would like

i. Follow payment steps, pay and receive confirmation email and ticket.

You can also contact us on +234 (0) 7000202020 or email for offline bookings.

Ability to change names varies from airline to airline. Please contact

Sure, but please make sure that you input the traveller's name exactly as it appears on his or her passport data page.

Non-stop flights will take you straight to your destination without any stops on the way.

Direct flights will have a midpoint airport stop whilst on your way to your final destination. Passengers are usually seated in the plane during this midpoint stop.

Connecting flights require passengers to change from one plane or airline to another at a connecting point whilst on their way to their destination.

Book on Hold gives travellers the opportunity to reserve (hold) a seat for 24 hours without making payment. This seat held will automatically cancel at midnight that same day.

If the airline supports changes we will be happy to effect the change for you. If not, you may have to cancel the booking and re-book again. Kindly contact

If this problem persists, it may be that there is no available seating or route with your preferred airline of choice. Kindly contact for more help.

For group bookings please contact

Once you book on TravelTank you never go back! We do understand our users may be used to offline purchases therefore our customer service team are more than happy to assist you over the telephone or in person please contact or call us on +234 (0) 7000202020 for more information.

Travellers travelling to USA, or on airlines such as Qatar Airways, Emirates, Egypt Air, Etihad Airways and Turkish Airlines will be required to give extra information as follows: passport number, country of issue, passport expiry date, date of birth, gender and nationality.

Kindly contact for more information on unaccompanied minor bookings.

If you have opted for our comfort package we will contact you to add your frequent flier number. If not please send a mail to

Top Frequently Asked Questions about Hotels

Once you have made your hotel booking and payment has been processed, we will send an email with your hotel voucher within thirty minutes. You can also login to your TravelTank account to print the voucher from our site.

This depends on the hotel in question. In most cases hotels do not allow name changes but please contact for me help with this.

Check-in and check-out times vary from hotel to hotel. Contact us at and will be happy to go through your hotel booking with you.

You are to carry with you a valid government issued photo ID. Please be advised that any hotel reserves the right to deny check-in if valid government ID is not produced.

Yes! Please visit our homepage and click on the 'Flights and Hotels' tab.

No. We've done all the work for you. The confirmed hotel vouchers from us is all you need.

Star ratings rank the quality of a particular hotel based on certain benchmarks whilst Trip Advisor ratings or stars are given based on customer reviews and experiences – the more satisfied customers are with a hotel, the higher probability of a better Trip Advisor star rating.

Once you have received your hotel voucher it means you have paid for your room and taxes. Certain countries such as UAE may ask guest to pay a tourism tax at the front desk. Any other miscellaneous purchases or requested services outside the content of the voucher should be paid for directly to the hotel.

Top Frequently Asked Questions about Holidays

Please contact and our packages and holidays team will be glad to provide you with more detailed information on your holiday!

Most of our holiday packages include visa assistance, tours, airport transfers and accommodation. Please ensure you are aware of what your selected holiday package includes before making payment.

To find out what inclusions come with your selected holiday package please contact

That's absolutely fine. Please contact us and we will be more than happy to tailor a package that suits all your needs!

Upon payment completion and processing, a holiday voucher with a unique reference ID will be sent to your email.

Top Frequently Asked Questions about Transfers

For transfers made on you can contact us via to amend or cancel your reservation. Please note that cancellations of transfers are subject to the terms and condition of the reservation.

Yes. All our private car transfers will take passengers directly to their accommodation.

Once your transfers booking is complete you will be issued with a unique ID and voucher. This voucher will contain full instructions on how to meet your driver and where he or she will be waiting for you.

Not all destinations we provide transfers to will have baby seats. Please contact our team by telephone or via to find out if baby seats can be provided at your intended destination.

Yes. For all our private transfers, flight delays of up to 3 hours are included. For flight delays over 3 hours – please contact our team immediately so we can inform the supplier. The supplier may charge an additional fee for this and if not paid may cancel the service after 3 hours of waiting.

Top Frequently Asked Questions about Visas

Depending on your travel destination, you may need travel documents such as passports, travel visa, ETA or ESTA. Our visa department is here to offer expert visa and immigration advisory services.

We provide visa advisory services for a select list of countries around the world. We do not guarantee approval of any visa application submitted to an embassy as this approval or rejection is at the sole discretion of the embassy in question. We however always make sure that all our customers have been given all the necessary assistance and guidance when making and submitting an application, to maximize the likelihood of a visa approval.

For more information please contact us at

Top Frequently Asked Questions about Travel insurance

Travel insurance is always recommended as it protects travellers against mishaps such as emergency medical expenses, lost, stolen or damaged baggage, cancellations cover and injuries when on vacation. Kindly contact for more information.

Top Frequently Asked Questions about Payments

We recommend making payment immediately after your booking has been completed. Customers have the option of putting a booking on hold up until midnight of that same day but we cannot guarantee that fare price will stay the same. For hotel reservations, book on hold option is not available.

We accept domestic and international credit card payments from the following; Verve, Visa and MasterCard. We also accept cash payments to our various bank accounts as well Quickteller payments.

Completely and utterly Safe! Our website is protected with an SSL Certificate and displays the Thawte Secured Seal on secure pages.

Payments can be made via internet transfer, Quickteller, bank transfer, bank deposits or via a travel kiosk at our head office.

Once payment has been approved and processed, we will email you with your ticket or hotel voucher. If you have a TravelTank account, tickets or hotel vouchers will also be visible and ready to print in your account once you log in.

Depending on the product purchased, please contact or if confirmation email is not received within thirty minutes.

Top Frequently Asked Questions about Changes & cancellations

Non-refundable means that if you are to cancel your booking – you forfeit the booking and will not get any money back except in extra ordinary circumstances such as death or military orders.

Refundable means that the upon cancellation of a booking you are entitled to get parts or all of your money back depending on the fare rules of the ticket or hotel voucher in question.

We can handle this for you. Kindly contact for swift help with your date changes.

For flight cancellations please contact Our team will review the rules of the ticket and advise accordingly. Tickets are either refundable, partially refundable or non-refundable.

Cancellation charges vary from airline to airline. Please contact for further help with your cancellation.

We are sorry about this. Kindly contact and we will be more than happy to query the airline for a refund!

This may or may not be possible as it is dependent on the type of ticket purchased. Please contact to see whether your ticket can be partially refunded.

Yes and No. It rests on the airline and the rules of your ticket – you can leave a ticket open for up to one year by placing an extended travel date on the booking.

Some airlines do not allow bookings to be left open indefinitely. Kindly contact for more help on this.

Tickets cannot be transferred from one person to another. Please contact to see other available options.

Please contact to see your options regarding hotel-booking cancellations.

Cancellation charges vary from hotel to hotel. Please contact for further help with your cancellation.

For changes to your hotel reservation please contact

Not all booked activities can be refunded. Please contact to see if your activity is refundable. If it is refundable we will also advise you on any cancellation charges.

If your flight, hotel or activity booking is refundable we usually advise customers to give a period of 6 to 8 weeks depending on the airline, hotel or activity vendor. Refund timelines are relative to the particular service provider and not TravelTank.

Top Frequently Asked Questions about Products

Travel Insurance, Visas, Lounge Access and Comfort Package

Comfort package gives travellers access to our VIP service which includes protocol services, frequent flier input, seat selections and lounge access.

If apply for travel insurance outside your flight booking, please fill in our form using this link and one of our travel insurance advisors will get back to you immediately.

Please select lounge access or comfort package in the 'extras & add-ons' section and make payment. Our consultants will do the rest!

Lounge Access is only for Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos. We do provide access to various airport lounges across the world, however for this please contact

Top Frequently Asked Questions about Trips

To access your bookings, please click on 'My Account' tab on the TravelTank homepage and log in in using your registered username and password.

In case of group bookings please contact

The amount of luggage allowed to be carried for free varies between airlines and travel destinations.

Please note that some airlines do not provide baggage allowance as part of the ticket fare. You may be required to pay for baggage per kilogram on these airlines.

Please visit the website of the airline or contact

Before boarding an international or regional flight your will need a passport. Your passport must be valid for at least six months after your return date.

Visa regulations depend on your nationality and travel destination. Please check with the embassy in question or talk to our visa consultants –

It is the responsibility of the traveller to ensure they have relevant visa, transit visa and passport documentations before making a trip.

Travel Insurance is not mandatory for some countries but it minimizes various financial risks such as, missed flights, illness, lost baggage, theft, terrorism and airline bankruptcy to name a few.

Your ticket voucher already displays the local time at your departure city and arrival city. Please check to see the time you arrive at your destination – this will be the local time at your destination.

For special services such as wheelchair assistance and meal selection please contact us on or the airline directly. Though guarantee of special services varies from airline to airline, we are more than happy to help with various special service assistance where applicable.

Please refer to your flight voucher, the airline's website or email for information on which terminal your flight will depart from.

Firearms, explosives, flammable substances, chemical items, sharp objects, tools, blunt instruments are all prohibited to travel with.

In your hand luggage, you are not allowed to exceed 100ml of liquid gels, creams, and aerosols per container. The following are considered to be liquids;

  • Toiletries,
  • Liquid medicines
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Liquid components of e-cigarettes
  • Food items, such as soups, sauces, jelly and jam.

Please contact for a thorough list of prohibited items.

This varies between airlines. Our general rule of thumb – passengers should check in 3 hours before departure for international flights and 2 hours before departure for domestic flights.

Travellers on a non-stop flight or using the same airline all the way to their final destination will have their luggage checked in throughout.

Travellers using various airlines will have to ask at the check-in counter on the possibilities of being checked in to their final destination.

There are some countries that ask luggage to be rechecked in for security reasons. Please contact us for more details.

Premium economy is a class of travel in-between business class and economy class which often has extra legroom and amenities not included in an economy class cabin.

Please contact to change email and or telephone details on your flight booking and for changes on your hotel booking.

Top Frequently Asked Questions about Feedback

Please fill our enquiries form and one of our expert consultants will get back to you.

Please fill our complaints form and one of our expert consultants will get back to you.

Please fill our feedback form and one of our expert consultants will get back to you.

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