The travel sharks guides

A practical traveller's guide packed with essential information and advice for all of TravelTank's Nigerian travellers.

Meet the travel sharks

Our team of experienced travel consultants who live and breathe travel are called 'travel sharks'. With our knowledgeable team of travel sharks, your next trip couldn't be in better hands!

All our travel sharks are:


Experts who are obsessed with travel. Yep, these travel sharks love to travel! Most of our sharks have travelled extensively and have a wealth of personal experience to always draw upon.


Knowledgeabe when it comes to travel advice. Throw any question at a travel shark and they'll answer it! They are well-informed and keep abreast of the latest travel developments and trends.


The sharks pride themselves in being reliable and professional. Customer service is everything to them. They want you to keep coming back and will do their utmost to ensure your satisfaction!


Multitaskers who are happy juggling multiple requests. They'll help you arrange all your travel essentials from visas, to protocol, to insurance, to itineraries for your trip and more!