Shark Tales: My Experience at La Casa Del Papa, Benin Republic – Ajokeade

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I recently had the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful resorts in Ouidah Plage, Ouidah, Benin, and I must say my experience at La Casa Del Papa was amazing. Firstly, I would like to thank the CEO, management team, supervisors, and HR for providing the resources and opportunities for this trip. I am genuinely proud to work under such great leadership and grateful for everything. La Casa Del Papa is a resort situated between the sea and the lagoon, surrounded by coconut trees, making it the perfect getaway spot for all occasions such as a baecation, honeymoon, or even just relaxation. The ambience of the hotel rooms with the sea view is nothing short of breathtaking, and waking up to nature is an unforgettable experience.

However, our road trip to the resort wasn’t without challenges. The journey took a total of 8 hours and 10 minutes due to traffic, bad roads on the Badagry Expressway, and Nigerian officials harassing travellers for money at the border or checkpoints along the road leading from the border. Capturing at the Seme border immigration took 2 hours and 48 minutes of our time as the tour protocol officers had to tip some individuals to reduce the delay. Unfortunately, the drive time between Badagry and Seme border has been tripled by the presence of these illegal checkpoints.

Nevertheless, the experience at the resort was worth it. Complimentary buffet breakfast was provided throughout our stay, and lunch and dinner were self-funded, served à la carte. Free Wi-Fi is available, but it doesn’t work well enough, and a Benin sim should be purchased. However, be prepared to be milked dry of your data… lol.

Various activities available at the resort, including cycling, basketball, and other free game activities, come with your package. The prices for paid activities range from 2000 Cefa upwards for an hour and above. The hotel rooms come in different types, such as seaside views and lagoon views. Whichever you choose, trust me, you get to taste both sides of nature and its captivating scenery.



Are you planning to visit a resort in the Benin Republic soon? If yes, then you’re in the right place. This post is for you! Here are the top things to do from my experience at La Casa Del Papa.

First things first, take as many pictures as possible, including mundane things. Every corner of Casa del Papa is picture-worthy and frame-perfect. From the lagoon, garden, beach, tropical beach hut, poolside, and so much more.

Kayaking is one of the exciting activities to try at Casa del Papa. For those who are afraid of water, this could be a perfect opportunity to overcome that fear. The thrill of kayaking in the lagoon is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss, especially when you go with friends. And if you don’t want to kayak, you can always pose with the kayak for pictures without missing out on the fun.



 Swimming is another interesting activity that you can enjoy at Casa del Papa. Who doesn’t love the pool? The poolside area is beautifully designed with comfortable seats, umbrellas, and a bar. For sports lovers, Casa del Papa has got you covered. They have a tennis court, golf course, volleyball, basketball, and other facilities to help you exercise.

The beach is an excellent place to hang out and relax. The sound of the sea, the waves, and the sea breeze are both calm, relaxing, and therapeutic. It’s a perfect place to meditate and appreciate nature. Cycling is another fun way to explore Casa del Papa. You can rent a bike and ride around the resort, taking in the beauty of the environment.

Don’t forget to visit the spa; they offer great services. It was quite expensive, but it was worth it. Also, check out the Laguna Bar, which only opens on Saturdays. It is like a mini disco club with a DJ. Casa del Papa always attracts people from different places, making it the perfect destination for those who love to make new friends. So, don’t hesitate to interact and socialize.



One of the tours that I embarked on was the Python Temple tour. This temple has a rich history dating back to the 1700s when the king of Ouidah took refuge in a forest. Pythons emerged from the forest during his hiding and prevented his capture. Today, pythons are viewed as sacred and worshipped in the temple, and it is taboo to kill or eat snakes. As a lover of adventure, with all my mouth-making to try this out, the African in me wouldn’t let me shine for fear of stories that touch 😂. Nevertheless, I was thrilled to witness this unique temple and its rituals.



The Slave Route tour was another one of the tours that left an indelible mark on me. This tour takes you through the painful history of the transatlantic slave trade. We visited the Slave Prison, the Mass Burial Site For Slaves, and the Point of no Return for Slaves. It was an emotional experience that left me with a deep sense of appreciation for freedom and human rights.



The longest graffiti wall in Africa was another tour that left me amazed. This wall is more than 940 meters long and has earned Benin a world record title. The wall is like an outdoor museum, showcasing stunning graffiti art, murals, and paintings. It was a sight to behold, and I could not help but take pictures to preserve the moment.

The Amazon statue was another must-see attraction on my tour list. The world’s only all-female army inspired the construction of a 30-meter-high bronze statue, known as the ‘Amazon‘, in Benin. As I gazed at the magnificent statue, I felt empowered and proud to be a woman.



 In conclusion, I highly recommend this wonderful resort for anyone looking for a taste of my experience at La Casa Del Papa. Despite the challenges faced during our road trip, the resort’s beauty and serenity made it worth it. Find more about resorts in Africa here.