Planning for Travel Post COVID – PART 1

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As COVID numbers drop in many parts of the world and we are emerging from lockdown, many of us are considering travel as a way of recharging our batteries. But is it safe?


While travel will become possible again as COVID continues to decline, the post-COVID world looks very different from the world we left behind in 2019. We will need to be more careful about both where we travel and how we travel. But that does not mean that we cannot enjoy all the incredible places that make this world special.


Below, we’ll look at some of the risks associated with post-COVID travel and how you can mitigate them, as well as some of the top destinations in Nigeria and around the world to visit post-COVID.


How to Choose a Destination to Visit: Domestic or International Travel


In the months following COVID, domestic travel will be much easier and safer than international travel for three main reasons.


New Restrictions and Regulations


Different countries are reopening their borders at different times and with different rules. Some countries will be restricting travellers from certain other countries where Coronavirus is still a high risk. They may require travellers to quarantine for a period of time on arrival.


We have already seen that these rules change quickly to respond to new COVID outbreaks. If you are planning your trip in advance, it will be difficult to predict how these rules might change and impact your travel plans.


Limited Flight Availability


The dramatic drop in travel caused by COVID has forced all airlines around the world to cut many of their flights, especially international flights. Demand for flights is not set to increase quickly, and it is predicted that it will take years for airline capacity to return to what it was in 2019.


This means that there will be fewer flights to international destinations in the short term.  Ticket prices will be unpredictable at first;  they could be more expensive than ever as airlines no longer have the scale of customers to cover their high overheads or, and we have our fingers and toes crossed, they could be cheaper than ever to incentivize customers to travel.


Healthcare and Travel Insurance Coverage


Travellers are always advised to purchase health insurance when travelling, as most countries do not offer free healthcare. Traffic vellers without insurance can find themselves with hefty bills or turned away.


Considering that COVID has a quick onset, will prevent you from leaving the country that you are visiting, and may require significant medical attention, appropriate levels of insurance are essential.


However, standard travel insurance plans will not cover COVID if you book travel knowing that the location is high risk. For this kind of travel, travellers will need premium insurance plans.


International Travel Precautions


For these reasons, domestic travel will be much more accessible than international travel for some time to come in terms of cost, availability, and insurance coverage. This does not mean that international travel is not possible, but travellers should take a few precautions to prepare themselves.


Thoroughly research your travel destination and be aware of the risk of both new outbreaks and new restrictions.


Where possible, purchase flexible flights, hotel bookings and so forth, which can be changed as required.


Purchase appropriate travel and health insurance.