Planning for Travel Post COVID – PART 3

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Top picks for domestic travel post-COVID


Looking for some of the most interesting and safest travel destinations to visit post-COVID? We have come up with a list of our top Nigerian travel picks.




Head to Nigeria’s quiet capital city which acts as a melting pot for the various peoples that inhabit this beautiful country. There is no shortage of majestic national monuments, such as the Abuja National Mosque, and natural treasures, such as the Gurara Falls.

Port Harcourt

If you are looking for sun and sand, consider heading for Port Harcourt. The beach is wide and long, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding a space just for you. You can take time out at the Harcourt Zoo and the River State Museum to discover local treasures.


Make your way to Ikogosi to experience the warm springs that flow at around 70 degrees Celsius, which are sat beside cool springs, that flow at a still warm 37 degrees Celsius. You can take in the springs on a day trip from Lagos, and it is rarely crowded.




If you are feeling more adventurous, head to busy Lagos, which is now recovering from a big coronavirus outbreak. You will find music, food, and entertainment on every corner. Head to the beach or explore treasures such as the Nigerian Railway Compound and Bogobiri House.



Visit the ancient city of Abeokuta in the south-west, where you will find Olumo Rock, the legendary crop of granite rock that towers over the city. Climb to the top for fantastic views and learn about the religious and martial history of the area.



Head to Calabar in the Cross-River State and discover Nigeria’s cleanest and most environmentally friendly city. But make the Obudu Mountain Resort (formerly the Obudu Cattle Ranch) your base for spectacular green mountain views, fresh air, and tranquility.




Head to the lagoon port town of Badagry and spend one day relaxing on the coconut beach, and the next exploring museums, boutique shops, and unique restaurants. If you have a car, drive to the nearby villages and learn the history of the area.