Planning for Travel Post COVID – PART 4

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Top picks for international travel post-COVID 

Dubai, UAE

Dubai is always a beautiful place to visit with its combination of spectacular beaches and stunning high rises. It is a melting pot of cultures in the Middle East known for decadence and luxury.


Dubai has also done an amazing job during the pandemic to minimize infections, and maximize recovery rates. Rules for tourists are constantly changing, but a quarantine period is likely to be required for some time. Fortunately, you can quarantine in some of the world’s best hotels.


London, United Kingdom

One of the most exciting international cities in the world that mixes a long and rich history with a contemporary international community, London will always be a popular travel destination.


Despite being hit hard by COVID, London and the UK have made a remarkable recovery and have begun to open their borders to tourists from certain countries. Arrivals are currently required to self-isolate for 14 days, but these rules are expected to relax over the coming weeks.



Nairobi, Kenya

Home to a fascinating culture, and the perfect base for visiting some of the most beautiful natural parks and most fascinating safaris in the world, Nairobi is another top travel destination for the coming months.


Kenya’s swift response to COVID means that they are leading recovery in their region and may open for international travellers soon. Travellers currently arriving in the country are required to isolate for 14 days.


Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg mixes excellent weather with unparalleled international and local shopping and access to some of South Africa’s most impressive natural wonders. The tourism industry is sure to recover quickly post-COVID.



South Africa is still closed to tourist travellers, as cases have not yet begun to drop. But expect Johannesburg to be one of the first South African cities that opens for business.


Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is a city with more than 2,500 years of history layered on top of each other in a cultural stratigraphy seen in few places. It is known for its amazing cultural landmarks, varied cuisine, and vibrant nightlife.



Turkey is another country that did well in terms of combatting COVID quickly and limiting infections. As such, Turkey is currently in the process of allowing travellers from several countries to visit. Travellers will be examined for symptoms on arrival and may be asked to quarantine.


Paris, France

The city of love and romance, Paris is known for its grand cathedrals, rich museums, and excellent wine (not to mention, cheese, and breads, and meats, and… the list goes on). It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world for a reason.


France is among the European Union countries that have reopened their borders to tourists from some countries, encouraging travellers to enjoy their holidays responsibly. While travellers from many European countries are not required to quarantine, a 14-day quarantine period is still in place for other international travellers.